E1 Planetary Energetic Particle Proxy Database

High energy particles produced by space weather events (e.g., Coronal Mass Ejections, Corotating Interaction Regions) impact the space system. Monitoring and predicting the flux are thus main areas of interest. The interaction of high energy particles and planets is also a vital investigation. However, not all the planetary missions include dedicated high energy particle detectors. Mars Express and Venus Express, the ESA's missions to Mars and Venus, adid not include any high energy particle instrument. Therefore we used penetrating particle background in the low-energy plasma spectrometers ASPERA-3 and ASPERA-4 in order to derive a database of proxy data for high energy particles observed in the vicinity of Mars and Venus, respectively.

More informations here (pdf).

The derived database is publicly available in the CDPP (Space Plasma Data Center)/AMDA (Automated Multi Dataset Analysis) tool.

The first delivery includes:

  • High energy particle proxy at Mars: Nominal mission start (2004) to the end of 2019. The data is sampled with a cadence of 192s.
  • High energy particle proxy at Venus: Nominal mission start (2006) to the mission end (2014). The data is sampled with a cadence of 192.

E2 Hermean and Jovian magnetospheric simulation database

In development, operational end of 2022